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Working from home due to Coronavirus?
Let Tech-Ez set you up for at-home remote access to your work computer. Offer: $40 set up fee for each user plus $0 a month for each user for as long as shelter-at-home order is in affect. For more information, contact JerryCraig Dismuke

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Serving San Antonio and surrounding areas, TechEZ will keep you and your business up and running. Offering quick, reliable, and cost-effective IT support services, on-site, and off-site!

Computer Repair

Whether it’s broken or you are looking to upgrade. We work on MAC or PC.  

Network Solutions

Let us configure your office network to easily transfer and manage files. 


Let a professional build a computer based on your needs. Custom builds cost less than pre-bulit.


Slow computers, infected files, Adware, Spyware, Malware, Virus, and Trojan Randomware Removal.

Welcome to tech ez

At Tech EZ we are experts at getting your computer running how you need. We are able to work on your networks and help whether it is connecting your PC or MAC. 

Why Choose Us?

Fast Support

Available for many same-day service calls. We focus on getting you up and running ASAP.

Premium Quality

We provide excellent customer service by treating our clients with respect and only using reputable brands and manufacturers. 

Save Money

We can work with any size budget and will get you what you need for a cost that is suitable to your budget.

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We are San Antonio’s best repair company. We work on everything from laptops, motherboards, and virus removals. 

Virus Removal

  • Hardware Scan
  • Virus Identification
  • Virus Removal

HDD to SSD Upgrade

  • Backup of existing hardrive
  • Removal of existing hardrive
  • Installation of SSD hardrive
  • Re-install of backup image

Our work

Depending on the day, you may find that we are connecting computers together to share a printer. ON other days we may be doing a custom build for a multimedia company. All while we are fixing broken hinges on laptop screens. We have a variety of skills and services that we handle.

laptop repair

laptop repair

hardware management

Windows 7 End of Life
Windows 7 End of Life

operating system upgrade

Computer Parts for PC build

technology consulting

What Our Clients Say!

Computers have become a necessity and therefore, knowing someone who can fix and keep them running is imperative. We don’t have to tell you the importance of having a reliable tech company that isn’t out to rob you blind. However, here a few words from our customers.

Jerry did a custom computer build for my companies specific needs. He listened to what my needs were and researched to make sure that I would be able to exactly what I needed. Since I render a lot of videos and work with multimedia the new computer not only was way less than if I had bought a pre-built system. The computer literally has cut my work times in half! TechEZ now handles all of my computer and networking needs for my business. I highly recommend this company.

Best company in the world.


Keep up with the latest happenings in the computer world. Whether you need to look out for a new super virus or you would like to stay on top of other technology news. Here is a place where we will keep you informed on all things computer, networking, repair, and more.