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Networking, Virus Removal, Computer Repair

TechEZ Repair provides a variety of services such as networking, virus removal, computer repair and more. Take a look at each of our topics below to gain a litter more insight on exactly what it is that we can do for you.

Our main goal is to create network solutions that a businesses employees all can use. We configure local area networks known as (LANs) and wide-area networks (WANs), intranets, and extranets. 

TechEZ works with a variety of vendors such as Cisco, Dell, and Microsoft. We configure these vendor products in a way so that they can be linked to share information. We make sure that your customers and employees can interact with your company as needed. 

Let us come out today and find the best solution for your company!

Operating system upgrades are necessary. Did you know that if you have a PC that is running Windows 7 on it, that your operating system will be obsolete come January 14, 2020? What does that mean exactly? Well, your computer will still work; however, if you install new applications and they do not run because they require your operating system to update then Windows will no longer have updates. Plain and simple after a while, most applications will not work on your computer.

Additionally, your operating system will be much more vulnerable to hacks since Microsoft will no longer be putting out security updates.

What is remote access?

It’s a beautiful thing that allows us to troubleshoot or check what is going on without having to be there. We solve many computer issues in a matter of minutes. All it requires sometimes is for a computer tech to be able to lay “eyes” on the problem. With remote accss, we can solve problems quicker and from any location. As long as there is internet access, we will be able to help you. 

Virus Removal & Computer Services

For virus removal services,

we offer several options. For minor removals, we can remotely connect to your computer and get rid of viruses that way. Many times viruses are not necessarily stealing information rather impacting your computer speed. That in its self can cause businesses to lose money. The slower your computers run, the longer it takes to complete tasks. 

Therefore, if your computer is running slow, you keep seeing pop-ups, or your computer is doing weird things, give us a call!. 

Forget a Geek Squad and simply give TechEZ Repair a call. TechEZ repairs everything from Dell laptop hinges to replacing HP hard drives. Most computer repairs are way less expensive than if you were to purchase a new computer. Even simply upgrading systems can extend the life of your computer exponentially.

Located in San Antonio, we can often come on-site and do same day repairs. Get up-front pricing and reliable service for all of your repair needs.

As with anything, computers and networks need to have functional hardware to perform the way they should. It is TechEZ Repair’s goal to ensure that your hardware systems are in top working order and maintained regularly.

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Networking Virus Removal Computer

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