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TechEZ Repair is a local San Antonio computer company. We offer consulting, repair, networking, and other critical operating services. TechEZ services individuals as well as businesses. We are committed to providing you with the best service possible. Having worked for companies such as Apple, Sony, and others, JerryCraig Dismuke is familiar with various platforms. 

Jerry prides himself on being the “new age” tech guy without the confusing technical jargon. However, Jerry will provide you with reliable, fast, and courteous service. Whether he’s working on a MAC or PC, he will put it in laymen’s terms.

San Antonio Computer Company

Whether you have a MAC Book Pro or an Alienware computer TechEZ Repair is able to handle your computer needs.

Providing affordable services that include:

Recognized as one of the industry’s preferred network service companies, TechEZ is the company to call. Our goal is to ensure that organizations ranging from 100 to 500 employees meet their business objectives. Fast turn around times, lots of knowledge ranging from desktop and laptop computers. These are all things making TechEZ a preferred business support choice. Offering fast 24HR Turnaround for most network issues and minor repairs.

San Antonio Computer Company

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